New Version of Skindle GUI

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I have created a completely overhauled version of Skindle GUI, which is the most popular program posted to this site. I put all the new info at the original post, since that permalink already has a great Google Rank. Click here to see the post.

Skindle GUI

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Notice 11/11/2012: ¬†With all the hassle it takes to convert using Skindle GUI nowadays, I personally don’t even use the tool any more. I instead use the Python scripts method, described here, and I recommend you check it out if you aren’t afraid to install a few extra things on your computer. Notice 8/28/2012: Received […]

Guide: Removing Kindle DRM with Python Scripts

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This blog is usually used to write about personal software projects that I’ve worked on, but today I take a break from that to write a quick guide about how to use some freely available Python scripts to remove Kindle DRM. I am writing this because the most popular program I have made is the […]