New AJAXified Layout

Before I say anything, I need to say this: if you use Internet Explorer, I apologize. I haven’t yet gotten around to hacking away at the CSS to make this site cross-browser compatible, and so if you use any version of Internet Explorer less than 8 (which I highly recommend, by the way, if you must remain in IE land for whatever reason), this site will look like nothing short of a disaster. The tabs and sidebar are mangled, and the background for the main content is nonexistent after the first post expands. Sorry if you are forced to use IE on a company computer or otherwise have to endure the browser, but just know that I am aware of the problems and will work to fix them when I get a chance.

Anyway, as you can probably see as soon as you get to this site, I decided to create a new layout. The old design was the result of an exercise to see if I could design a layout in Fireworks, convert it to XHTML/CSS code, and then convert it to a WordPress theme. That exercise was successful, except for the fact that the design I laid out in Fireworks was ugly. I realize that user interface design is not one of my strong suits.

Since I am admittedly terrible at coming up with my own original designs for websites, this new layout is based heavily on the default theme for the wTorrent web application. Namely, the overall rounded corners look, the tabs, the header, and even the default color scheme are very much “borrowed” from the wTorrent design. That said, I didn’t reuse any of the code or graphics from the wTorrent app — everything is original and created from scratch.

Just like the last site design, this was also an exercise of sorts for me. This time, it was an exercise in Javascript, which I am now getting pretty good at thanks to some experience from my internship this summer. I use Kelvin Luck (

I hope you enjoy the new layout.