It’s been a very long time since I have updated this site. The main reason is because 100% of my free personal time has been devoted to closed-source programming projects. One project is a Rails 3 web/mobile app for a start-up I co-founded at the start of 2013. It involves several integration points and is being built for scale on Heroku. It’s not clear if it will ever see public light, but I’m crossing my fingers.

Another more recent consulting project is an interactive multimedia application targeted at family education (think home schooling), with interactivity and multimedia. Scale is a much bigger factor here, as there’s a near-guarantee of at least 10k signups in the first few weeks. Learning about the new caching strategies in Rails 4 has been fun, plus I really love the new strong parameters – it just makes more sense to me than the :attr_accessible pattern.

Aside from that, I have been working full-time in the software industry doing mostly Java work. I’ve learned a lot of enterprise-level Spring and Hibernate, as well as played around with Liferay development. In many capacities I’ve been stretched to take on more responsibility than someone 1 year out of college should have – and that’s helped me learn fast!

My present role is mostly Rails focused, and I hope to keep that focus going. I do have a recent interest in frontend JS MVC frameworks and hope to be able to use that practically in my Rails 4 project.