Stitcher Copy: Android App

The purpose of this app is to use root access on Android to automate something I found myself doing quite often:

  • Extracting all the *.audio files from the Stitcher download directory (any files downloaded for “Listen Later” go there)
  • Copy to external SD card, into the “audio” subfolder, renaming into mp3.

Why did I need to do this? To play the audio files in an app I enjoy more than Stitcher’s playback. I did this search/copy/rename manually one too many times, so decided to automate it. The code is super hard-coded to my use case, but should be easily forkable for others’ similar needs. It’s basically just a shell one-liner that finds the files and constructs a “cp” command with xargs and sed plumbing.

Room for improvement: Get root permission once for the app and then reuse that for future uses (currently it asks for root access for every launch)

View the code on Github here